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Contracts and Projects Details

Contrary to the time of contract awarding and completion, we look forward to deliver at the minimal time. This has been our goal over the years and it’s one of our core skills that has made us achieve success all these long.

Vauplex award contracts to competent and diplomatic engineers across the globe. However, individual or group of individuals must properly provide proof of identity to the company. It is important to know that information submitted to the company are securely protected under our privacy policy law. Vauplex will not share your information with any third party company for any course whatsoever. Please note also that the company will demand the submission of certain documents at the period of contract awarding. 

Forward Contracts
This medium allows ongoing projects/contracts to be reassigned to individuals for maximum performance
Time and Season
Irrespective of the time and season of the year, our contracts and projects know no season.
Projects/contracts tracking to know  the success of each individual projects.

Company Profile

  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying contractors
  • High rate of Mineral Mining - Gold, Silver, Diamond, Bronze, etc.
  • Great deal of Oil and Petrochemical Projects
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
  • Automate your Travel and Shipment
Privacy Policy
All our contracts are subjected to privacy policy. This grant the company the full access to supervise, terminate, and to pause any ongoing project across the globe. However, the company reserve every right of project termination without the prior notice of those involved. This helps the company to have an upper hand to see to the maximum and effective ways in which projects are handled across the globe.
Contractors And Third Party Company
Vauplex award contracts to competent engineers and to third party companies. This is done by a means of thorough investigation and supervision projects involved in by the concerned individual or group of individuals or company. However, our projects has international and Foreign Policies governing them and both the company. So to this end, projects are not allocated to anyone that apply but to those that best match the demand of the company policy.
Ongoing Projects
Internationally, Vauplex has engaged in series of projects in the past and will in time to come. However, there are series of projects going on across the globe that are being handled by the company. Both awarded contracts and company-owned projects are currently running across the globe.