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Diplomatic Services

Diplomatic services involves the involvement of the United Nations. This helps to provide international support to both countries and individuals.

It is of the utmost functionality of the United Nation to provide and protect the welfare of the human right at all level of involvement. Vauplex has a big hand to play in international matters as well. Provision of international support system, diplomatic delivery, e.t.c., are some services we render to various parts of the world.

Diplomatic Delivery
We take part in diplomatic delivery of goods, services, and also, supports international systems.
International Support
International support systems lets us to render support to various parts of the world.
Global Awareness
We’re globally aware of what human rights and welfare is all about so, we take part in reaching out to the through our various support and awareness schemes.

Company Profile

  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying contractors
  • High rate of Mineral Mining - Gold, Silver, Diamond, Bronze, etc.
  • Great deal of Oil and Petrochemical Projects
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
  • Automate your Travel and Shipment
International Support
This helps in reaching out to areas where social amenities are not provided to individuals. This system also provides international support to both human and nations as a whole. This could be in the form military personnel, peace-keeping and lots more.
International Collaboration
This medium units nations irrespective of their continent and geographical locations. By this, we see to making the world a better place for all those that live on it.
International Policies
Our International and Foreign Policies are not subjected to only one nation neither one company but also to the entirety of the construction and mining industries across the world. We see to setting a standard in the way mineral resources and other services are provided and moved across the globe. We also set the standard for which goods and services are provided just t the right time.