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Our Approach

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Our Approach

With a 57 year history of connecting people, and over 30 years of experience moving funds/Minerals and shipping around the world, Vauplex has become an industry leader in global construction engineering. As a highly respected Fortune 60 company, we possess solid construction and mining strength and have a strong diplomatic rating, so you can trust that your shipment, projects, contracts, and mining is in good hands.

Vauplex Group of Company was formed in 1962, when Vauplex acquired Custom Engineering, an award-winning industry leader with over 18 years of experience in international construction and mining risk management. Following the acquisition of Diplomatic Skills, Engineering Effort in 1988, the company has expanded to become one of the world’s leading non-commercial providers of cross-border construction company.

With our high rate in both expertise and construction, we under both bridges and road constructions and see to their completeness.
Mineral Mining
Vauplex Company is known for the mining of mineral resources. Our list of mining includes: Gold, Silver, Diamond, Bronze, etc.
We use sophisticated machines in our drilling process. Crude Oil dripping has been one of our priority since insertion.
We target an administration of considerable agency for international development, making deep cut for both foreign assistance and diplomacy.
Logistics and Travels
We hold one of the best Industry Travel Services with a high rate of shipment dilivery. Our medium includes: Cargo(Plane), Watercraft(Ship), and Shipment(Road) dilivery.
Contracts and Projects
Our Portfolio includes both our recent, ongoing, and completed projects and contracts from across the globe. Our high rate of project completion makes us stand out in among others.